Vincent Lakatos

Mythic Servers

Mythic Servers was a gaming community I founded in May of 2012. Based on the PC platform, we operated in such games as Garrysmod, CSGO, CSS, Rust and some other well known titles. During its life, we hosted a total of 9 online servers and 3 private servers.

  • Server Development

    The servers we hosted ran on multiple platforms including Windows Server and Linux. All of our servers were hosted on a VPS using tools such as Putty and RDP to connect to the machine and maintain the servers.

  • Web Development

    Mythic Servers had a rather detailed system of communication between the servers and the website which supplied information for our server stats, global ban systems, user perks, etc. The website was programmed in HTML5, PHP, CSS, JavaScript and MySQL.

  • Plugins / Software

    The servers used a variety of plugins in a variety of languages. Plugins used such languages as C#, LUA, C++, MySQL, T-SQL and SourcePawn. Each plugin was developed inhouse with customization and modularity in mind. I always have run off the saying "You should only have to change it once, the program should update it everywhere else" and my code reflects that saying.

Example Scripts

These are just a select few of the scripts I created. Some of these scripts have been edited as they contain confidential information.