Vincent Lakatos

Steam Minge

Steam Minge was a project I worked on for a little while. Its sole purpose was to annoy friends on Steam. The program utilizes libraries to send massive amounts of messages and/or notifications to unsuspecting targets at once.

  • Technical Implementation

    The software is written in C# .Net WinForms and was built in the Visual Studio 2015 IDE. It is capable of sending messages to the targets via the use of the SteamWorks API.

  • Threading

    The Steam Minge was designed to work on multiple threads which results in some neat behavior. The program can generate multiple threads to execute it's spamming functionality. Imagine: 1 program, creating 20 threads, with each thread creating 1 message every n milliseconds of delay... thats a ton of nonsense to send at once! Because of this behavior, the program also maintains UI responsiveness as the main thread is not being overloaded with tasks.

  • How can I has?

    You can get it by visiting my github for the project, where it is released under the MIT license. Knock yourself out: httpss://